Solution to humidity at home

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Types of humidity and treatments

En Hydrotec somos expertos en el tratamiento de humedades por condensación

The humidity by condensation is due to temperature contrast (inside warm and outside cold), high humidity production levels inside and a lack of ventilation.

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Hydrotec cuenta con los mejores tratamientos para eliminar la humedad por capilaridad
Rising damp

The humidity by capilarity appears because of the combination of a bad insulation in building´s cementing and a special degree of porosity in building materials, facilitated moisture filtration from basement to walls and facades producing its degradation.

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Hydrotec soluciona sus problemas de humedad por filtraciones

Humidity by filtration is produced in walls that are totally or partially buried. It is known that not having a good impermeable cover, an outside drop pipe or a middle wall air chamber could produce inside degradation in covers and paint peeling.

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