Types of dampness at home

Dampness problems at home

Depending on the damage and the type of dampness problem you suffer in your home, the consequences can be very dangerous.

The problems resulting from structural moisture can be really serious, because in extreme cases may even include the demolition of the damaged building. Moreover, a wall affected by severe moisture problems loses a 50% of its power load.

This can become a serious problem.

Hydrotec elimina las humedades por condensación en viviendas y edificios


Mould, wet clothes, fogged windows

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Los expertos de Hydrotec erradican todos los problemas derivados de las humedades por capilaridad

Rising damp

Deterioration of the paint, plaster and plinths, saltpetre

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Hydrotec analiza las causas y elimina cualquier problema de humedades por filtración


Watertights in basements, car parks or low, wet walls, deteriorating walls and finishes

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