Condensation dampness

Condensation damp comes from the excess water vapour in the air cooling and precipitating into a liquid state in cooler areas of a building.

The more vapour in the air inside a home, the more condensation.

Hydrotec humedad condensación

Effects of condensaction damp in homes

One of the main effects of condensation damp is mould. This fungus spreads easily in porous materials (like plaster) and in areas without proper air circulation.

Mould is normally black. Stains from condensation can be found in the corners of bedrooms, in bathrooms without proper ventilation, around windows, behind or inside wardrobes and in colder areas of the walls and ceilings.

In the long term, mould can be harmful to your health, causing lung conditions (asthma or allergies) and headaches. People with allergies, the elderly and babies are the most vulnerable to mould. So, if you find fungus in your home it is a sign of poor air quality and can be harmful.

Another typical sign of this sort of damp is to see condensation on windows and window frames. This is caused by the thermal shock and is more noticeable in winter than summer as the temperature is much lower outside than inside. This is why it is common to see windows that are fogged-up or even weeping.

Hydrotec humedad condensación
Hydrotec humedad por condensación

Plus, high humidity levels inside the home have a negative impact on thermal comfort, so it will feel colder than it actually is.

Causes of condensation damp and mould.

There are four main causes of condensation damp:

  • Excess humidity from inside the home (cooking, ironing, showering, sleeping, breathing, etc.)
  • Not enough or no ventilation.
  • Big difference in outside and inside temperatures.
  • Very air-tight home.

Condensation can appear due to a combination of the factors above, not just one. For example, imagine a family with a newborn that has just decided to put in new, more efficient windows. They may not have had damp issues last year, but this winter they’ve started noticing mould on the walls. A new baby changes the household routines (more showers, more ironing, more breathing, etc.) and the new windows make the home more air-tight than before. In this case, the new changes in the home are causing condensation.

How to resolve condensation issues in a home: Forced-air ventilation system.

Installing a forced-air ventilation system is an effective, affordable solution to persistent problems due to condensation damp and mould in the home.

This system draws air from outside, filters and warms it and then forces it into the home through vents. This makes sure the air inside is always moving to prevent condensation and make the home feel comfortable. Plus, the system is automatic and can be regulated to suit the specific needs of each home and exterior thermal conditions.

Another advantage is that it effectively draws radon from basements and rooms and takes it outside. The results are guaranteed.

At Hydrotec, we have several mechanical ventilation systems to get rid of condensation damp. Depending on the extent of the problem and amount of air in the affected areas, our technicians will propose the most effective, affordable solution available.

Mechanical ventilation systems.

VMI Urban ventilation system

VMI Urban

AirMix ventilation system

Sistema de ventilación AirMix

VDF66 ventilation system

Hydrotec sistema ventilación VDF66

VMI ventilation system

Sistema de ventilación VMI

VDF73 ventilation system

Hydrotec sistema ventilación VDF73