Consequences of leakage

The treatment of dampness in basements

Damp walls in contact with the earth should be equipped with a watertight interior protection (casing) combined with a barrier of water-proofing injection.

Solution for dampness in basements: Cuvelage

Why use Cuvelage?

Apart from the risk of capillarities, the under-ground walls support pressures of the water carried out through the exterior.

In new constructions, an exterior watertightness is produced through a stalling membrane. In cases where this protection is inexistent or defective, an interior impermeability system tends to be the only solution (Cuvelage).

Before the different layers are applied, a capilar anti-rise barrier is made through chemical injections all throughout the walls that are to be treated, making these 10 cm over the exterior ground level. Vertical barriers will also be made in order to protect the the non-treated walls.


The protection of the buried walls is guaranteed for 10 years.