Waterproof Solutions

Hydrotec Group also offers the possibility to waterproof all kinds off roofs, swaterproofing, foundation slabs, slabs and water tanks.

Liquid membrane system operating purposes

This system allows a flexible adaptation to particular conditions from each construction base. Our aliphatic polyurethane-based system allows the impermeabilization of terraces, ceilings and deposits, maintaining the esthetics of the ceramic tile. We have European Conformity brand, according to the norm UNE- EN 1504:2.

Our system forms a continuous coating that adapts to the surface – without any type of junction. It is of a high elasticity, even in the most extreme climatic conditions, ranging from -40° to +100°. It is able to bypass microcracks, absorb expansion joints, as well as vibrations and movements in the foundation.

With an easy and clean application, it is completely resistent to UV rays and abrasion, allowing in this manner pedestrian aswell as wheeled circulation. It has a perfect chemical resistance to both salt and drinking water, thawing salt, acids and diluted bases.

For systems like cement floor foundations, high phreatic-level forged basements and indirect hydrostatic pressure we have more advanced solutions, using our products specialized for capilar saturation.